Dignified funeral speech

Secular funeral speech

Each person ist different and every funeral speech should be different. dignified funeral speech

There are many possibilites, and may involve the use of music, words and symbols.

The funeral eulogy should be appropriate for that very special person.

  • The love between you and your partner may be expressed, no matter how others have seen your relationship.
  • A person that died far too young will need a different tone than that of one who died at mature age.
  • Conflicts that occured during one’s life time may be mentioned in an honest,  careful and non-offensive way.
  • The beliefs of the deceased person should be respected, as well as yours. There are so many possibilities!

We will talk through everything at your house, unhurriedly. If anything comes up after I am gone, just call me!

I offer my service primarily for funerals in the Hamburg and Bremen area. Of course I would drive further, just ask. It’s usually best to phone or e-mail me from 8 am to 6 pm during weekdays. At the weekend you should be able to reach me from  10 am to 5 pm.

May you find the strength and peace to endure this time of sorrow.

Jutta Hamm

Private mourning ritual

There may be different reasons for solemnizing a private mourning ritual:

private mourning ritual

  • You have been unable to take part at the funeral, but you would like to pay your last respects to the deceased person

  • An anniversary is coming up
  • A body is going to be brought to another site or another cemetery
  • You mourn for a baby.

  • The deceased has been buried abroad or at an unknown place
  • A person has been declared lost and you don’t know if he or she is dead or alive. In a private mouning ritual you may set a point of peace and acceptance without judging if the person is actually dead or alive.

A private mourning ritual may take place at the grave site or any other dignified place. It does not matter how long ago the person died.

Please contact me with no obligation. This is a sensitive issue, so let’s find out together if a private mourning ritual is a good option for you.

Jutta Hamm

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