Golden anniversary, company anniversary, diamond wedding, big birthday, opening … – there are a lot of events where it is common to deliver a speech. According to circumstances speeches may be interesting, entertaining, funny or serious.

Tips for speeches

My tips if you have to address an audience:

Be brief! (Or do you enjoy listening to long speeches?)

  • Don’t dig through the internet or try to cherry pick the works of Whitman, Wordsworth or the great orators. This is about you, your words, your emotions – and the old masters really know nothing about your very own ideas.
  • You know exactly what you want to say, I am sure about that. You may not know exactly how to phrase it. Try to think of it just as if you are talking with a few family and friends. Pretentious phrases won’t make your speech better, believe me.

Assistance from professional speaker

By the way: If you had professional help in preparing your speech, nobody has to find out. This is a personal matter. As a professional I offer to help you write your speech, not mine. It is going to consist of your personal words and expressions.

This way we could work together:

  • You explain to me what you want to talk about.
  • We may talk on the phone, via Skype or in person.
  • I will write an appropriate speech for you that suits your character.
  • If time is limited I might be able to help you the same day via e-mail. Of course this is a matter of chance, depending on my availability.
  • Finally, we might even practise the presentation of your speech

–> Why don’t you contact at no obligation – even during the weekend.

You should be able to reach me by phone or via e-mail from 9 am to 8 pm during weekdays and from 10 am to 7 pm during the weekend.

Whether you hire me or not I wish you the right words and a speech that reaches the heart of your audience.

Jutta Hamm

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